The College Board’s Student Privacy Pledge Status

This week, the Future of Privacy Forum concluded its review of the College Board’s Student Privacy Pledge status. We have removed the “under review” designation, restoring the College Board’s status as an active signatory.

Our review was initiated after we were made aware of concerns regarding the information re-disclosure practices of a number of the College Board’s partners. The College Board was responsive to the concerns FPF staff raised over the course of our review and has acted to resolve the issue. We have confirmed that the College Board has changed its policies to prohibit re-disclosures by colleges or other partners. The College Board has also taken steps to ensure its partners are adhering to the new policies. More broadly, the College Board has made renewed institutional commitments to safeguarding student data, including the appointment of a chief privacy officer.

Media Contact:

John Verdi, Vice President of Policy, FPF, [email protected]